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Indian Millennials Think They’re The Coolest Of ‘Em All [CHART]

via American Millennials (aged 15-25) seem to be pretty pleased with their “cool” factor, but they’re actually more modest about it than their counterparts in a variety of other countries, according to survey results released in May 2012 by InSites Consulting. 43% of American youth see themselves as cool, which is a slightly larger…

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Global Social Media Growth, By Country [CHART]

Middle East and Africa together experienced a 33.9% increase in social network users in 2011, while Asia-Pacific’s user population grew 27.5%. Both regions will continue to see double-digit percentage gains through 2014. By contrast, North America’s growth rate was just 9.5% in 2011 and is expected to fall to 4% by 2014. Read the rest…

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Italian Mobile Internet Penetration [CHART]

via Italians have long loved their SIM-card-based mobile devices. eMarketer estimates that there have been approximately 1.5 mobile phone subscriptions per person in the country since 2009. But as a result of high penetration, growth has stagnated—total mobile connections in the country is holding steady in the low 90 million range, far above Italy’s…

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Western European Social Media Use, 2011-2014 [CHART]

via there are notable variations in social network usage across the EU-5 that are significant for advertisers and marketers. In Spain, for example, social networks already reach a higher proportion of internet users than they do in the UK. Italy too will overtake the UK by this measure in 2012. The UK currently has…

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Western European Internet Use, 2011-2016 [CHART]

via Western Europe will boast more than 267 million internet users in 2012. By 2016, nearly 290 million will be online—69% of the region’s residents. Germany, with the largest population overall, also has the greatest number of web users: some 57 million in 2012, and 10 million more than the UK. In France, over…

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