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Finance Marketing

Actions Prompted by Mobile Finance Ads [CHART]

via In analyzing its clickthrough data on finance-related mobile ads, Millennial Media found that 54% of secondary actions prompted by finance ads consisted of enrolling, joining or subscribing, making it the most popular post-click action. Fifty-one percent of ads prompted mobile finance consumers to follow up on a click by placing a call, while…

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Campaign Goals For Finance Mobile Ads [CHART]

via Advertisers said they were centering mobile finance campaigns on lead generation and registering potential customers; 70% of respondents named that as their top goal. Maintaining a market presence was a distant second at 16%. Those goals differed substantially from those of advertisers overall, which were more evenly split between focusing on lead generation/registrations…

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2011 Video Ad Completion Rates, By Industry [CHART]

via Consumer goods manufacturers had the most success among various verticals in getting their video ads viewed in 2011, finds a PointRoll study [pdf] released in May 2012. Consumer goods ads were fully completed 48% of the time, and at least halfway completed 64% of the time. While their 100% completion rate was only…

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