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Facebook Advertiser Goals [CHART]

via emarketer.com there’s a discrepancy between marketer intent and user interest—according to a March 2012 poll by social media education company Social Fresh, 61% of US Facebook advertisers used ads for awareness purposes. Yet a hefty 44% expected them to generate conversions. Read the rest at eMarketer. Rate this post

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Facebook Ad Click Frequency [CHART]

via emarketer.com Facebook users are disinclined to spend much time with Facebook ads. According to a May 2012 poll by the Associated Press (AP) and CNBC, 83% of Facebook users in the US hardly ever or never clicked on online ads or sponsored content when using Facebook. Read the rest at eMarketer. Rate this post

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US Facebook Ad Performance Metrics by Gender, 2011 [CHART]

via emarketer.com In the US, in almost every instance, costs per click and CPMs were higher for both genders than worldwide rates in each quarter of 2011, and clickthrough rates tended to be higher too. Similar to worldwide behaviors, differences between the clicking rates of men and women were pronounced in the US: During Q4,…

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Consumers’ Belief In Long-Term Facebook Success [CHART]

via marketingcharts.com Facebook may have 900 million monthly active users and be the darling of social media marketers as it nears its IPO, but that doesn’t mean that the public is convinced the social network is here for the long-term, according to an AP and CNBC poll conducted in May 2012. 46% of respondents said…

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Facebook Ad Metrics In Spain By Gender, 2011 [TABLE]

via emarketer.com Even though users in Spain are evenly split by gender, men garnered more revenue on a per-click basis than women. According to April 2012 data from AdParlor, a Facebook ad campaign manager, in Q4 2011 cost per click for men was $0.29 while women commanded $0.21. Read the rest at eMarketer. Rate this…

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Spanish Facebook User Demographics [CHART]

via emarketer.com In February 2012, eMarketer estimated that the number of Facebook users in Spain grew nearly 50% in 2011 to 12.8 million. This year, the site’s 14.9 million users will account for just over 85% of all social networkers and half of all internet users in the country. According to April data from social…

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