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Event Planning

Virtual Event Financing [CHART]

via The single most popular financing method for virtual methods is the outside method of event sponsorship (45%), which is 25% more popular than the number two method event marketing budget (36%). Other marketing budgets rank third with 30% of producers financing virtual events through this method. Fewer than one in five virtual event…

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Virtual Event Metrics [CHART]

via Currently, 61% of show producers have formally adopted success metrics. The most popular is the tried and true method of counting the number of attendees (68%), closely followed by attendee engagement (65%). Somewhat less popular as a metric is the number of qualified leads (55%), with four in10 or more producers also focusing…

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Virtual Event Behavior [CHART]

via marketingprofs-virtual-event-actions-aug-2011.JPGMore than eight in 10 (84%) virtual event attendees have taken some action as a direct result of attending a virtual event, and 61% have taken two or more actions. The most popular post-virtual event action is visiting a vendor’s site for more information (59%), followed by using a search engine to get…

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