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Top Marketing Data Challenges [CHART]

Chart: Top Marketing Data Challenges

Much has been made of the difficulties marketers face with accessing data, integrating data across technologies, and even trusting their data. But some companies are facing an even bigger problem, according to Widen’s 2018 Connectivity Report: telling the right story with their data.

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Marketers’ Concerns About Using Big Data [CHART]

via In terms of applying data to advertising spending, 33Across found that 70% of respondents were concerned with making sense of all the data. Moreover, 73% were concerned with integrating data in a cross-channel fashion, and perhaps most significantly, a considerable 91% were concerned with driving ROI from Big Data. Read the rest at…

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“Big Data” Challenges [CHART]

via Various obstacles can derail retailers from effectively using Big Data. Organizational issues, problems making data actionable and difficulties getting down to a personal level were behind the top three challenges marketers faced in using Big Data, according to a February 2012 joint survey of US marketers by Columbia Business School and the New…

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