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e-Strategy Trends’ continually updated collection of communications-related charts for marketing, public relations, advertising and strategic communications professionals.

German B2C Ecommerce Sales, Q1 2011-Q1 2012 [CHART]

via B2C ecommerce sales in Germany reached €6.34 billion ($8.81 billion) in Q1 2012—18% more than the Q1 2011 total, according to the April 2012 report, “Interaktiver Handel in Deutschland” issued by the Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels (bvh), known in English as the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Association. Read the rest at eMarketer.…

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US Smart Phone Penetration By Race [CHART]

via Black consumers became smartphone users early and in large numbers. But they no longer constitute an oversized portion of the smartphone population, as the penetration rate among white consumers has accelerated. Black consumers’ smartphone penetration rate this year will be slightly lower than that of whites and the US population in general, eMarketer…

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US Mobile Search Spending By Device, Q1 2012 [CHART]

via Search advertising continued its strong worldwide growth in Q1 2012, according to research from digital marketing solution provider IgnitionOne. The company found that global search ad spending grew 30% year over year, double the growth rate of Q1 2011. The figure was also the highest year-over-year growth rate for search ad spending in…

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Change In Content Marketing By Format [CHART]

via A good portion (35%) of North American companies planned to invest more in website content this year, with an even larger percentage (54%) expecting to do so with video. Email appears to remain a tried-and-true content marketing tactic, and most marketers are already comfortable with their level of investment: just 15% plan to…

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Content Marketing By Format, 2009-2011 [CHART]

via Companies’ interest in content marketing is a growing trend. Not surprisingly, Custom Content Council and ContentWise found 52% of North American companies used video for content marketing in 2011, a number that has increased sharply since 2009, when it accounted for only 37% of North American marketers’ content investment. Websites and emails remained…

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Content Marketing Spending, 2000-2011 [CHART]

via According to a March 2012 report from ContentWise and the Custom Content Council, North American marketers spent $40.2 billion to produce and distribute content marketing last year, up slightly from $40.1 billion in 2010. Read the rest at eMarketer. 0.0 00

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Smart Phone Owners & Hotels [CHART]

via The comScore data shows that among hotel-related mobile activities, looking up hotel addresses and directions was the most common, performed by 29% of the smartphone audience. 23% looked up or researched attractions and things to do at their destination or near their hotel, closely followed by the proportion who looked up or researched…

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Smart Owners Air Travel Activities [CHART]

via Smartphone owners are using their devices for a range of activities from reading email to performing in-store research, so it may not be a surprise that a majority are now accessing travel-related content on their devices, according to April 2012 comScore figures. Indeed, 51% of smartphone owners accessed air and/or hotel information on…

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More Moms Mobile Shopping [CHART]

via Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important part in the American mother’s purchase process, says BabyCenter in an April 2012 study conducted in partnership with Nielsen. Comparing results from the survey with results from one it released almost 6 months ago, BabyCenter found a drastic upswing in the proportion of mothers using their…

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