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Top 6 Traffic Drivers For American & European Bloggers [CHART]

via American and European bloggers are relatively in agreement when it comes to the most effective ways to drive traffic to their blogs, both citing frequent updates and promotion on social networks as their top 2, per an Overblog study released in June 2012. Yet, when it comes to what defines the ultimate success…

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How People Talk Online About TV Ads [CHART]

via Those on smartphones were also significantly more likely to use their device, as opposed to either tablets or PCs, to discuss television ads. Smartphone users preferred to talk about ads via texts, emails and IMs. Tablet users were partial to using social networks to converse about ads with friends, while those on PCs…

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Social Media Customer Service Channel Expectations [CHART]

via In a Q4 2011 survey of worldwide online consumers, Oracle found that online users valued having a number of pathways to customer service support, including through social media, click-to-call services and instant messaging. Given Facebook’s dominance of the social media landscape, it should surprise no one that 46% of those polled anticipated that…

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South Korean Social Media Channel Preferences [CHART]

via Common social media activities, however, may be surprising to people not familiar with the South Korean market. KISA found that 84% of social media users read or kept a blog, 74.6% participated in online communities (often organized by topics such as food, fashion and gaming) and 68.3% maintained a unique site called a…

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