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Chinese Mobile Phone Users, 2010-2016 [CHART]

via China should be the leading mobile advertising market in the world. eMarketer estimates more than 880 million consumers in China—nearly two-thirds of the country’s population—will own at least one mobile phone by the end of this year. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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Global Social Monitoring For Customer Service [CHART]

via Looking at the differences worldwide, US-based companies were more likely to use social media to track mentions and follow up, with 46% of US companies and 45% of North American companies saying they did both. In Asia, the percentage of companies was lower, at 39%, and in both Latin America and Australia/New Zealand…

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South Korean Social Media Channel Preferences [CHART]

via Common social media activities, however, may be surprising to people not familiar with the South Korean market. KISA found that 84% of social media users read or kept a blog, 74.6% participated in online communities (often organized by topics such as food, fashion and gaming) and 68.3% maintained a unique site called a…

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