Global Social Monitoring For Customer Service [CHART]

via Looking at the differences worldwide, US-based companies were more likely to use social media to track mentions and follow up, with 46% of US companies and 45% of North American companies saying they did both. In Asia, the percentage of companies was lower, at 39%, and in both Latin America and Australia/New Zealand…

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2011 Global Mobile Advertising Spend By Region [CHART]

via Global mobile advertising spend reached $5.3 billion in 2011, according to a joint report from the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence in the US, IAB Europe, and IHS Screen Digest. Search accounted for the largest portion of mobile ad spending, at 62%, or $3.3 billion. Search’s dominance was most prevalent in the…

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Global Traditional Ad Spending [CHART]

via Despite a challenging global economy, worldwide advertising spend on TV, magazines, newspapers, and radio posted a 7.3% rise year-over-year in 2011 to $498 billion, according to [download page] an April 2012 report from Nielsen. Spending in Q4 was up 6.2% from a year earlier, closing at $131 billion. In the US, advertising spend…

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