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Media Reach Deepest Among Affluent [CHART]

via Most media show higher levels of reach among affluent than lower-income households, finds TVB in survey results released in June 2012. This pattern is, somewhat predictably, most apparent for digital and mobile channels, but also holds true for traditional media such as TV, which has the largest reach. For example, TV’s reach increases…

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Top Luxury Brand Mobile App Features [CHART]

via Mobile luxury shoppers were most interested in using apps to gain access to discounts. Forty-six percent of those who had downloaded or planned to download any mobile app said they expected a luxury app to provide them with a loyalty program. Early access to sales was the second-highest anticipated app feature, at 45%.…

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mCommerce For Affluent Smart Phone Owners [CHART]

via The Institute found that only a small number of wealthy smartphone owners (12%) had downloaded a luxury brand’s app. That’s something that luxury retailers may want to work on changing, as wealthy smartphone shoppers are fairly consistent mobile shoppers. The survey found that about two-thirds of wealthy smartphone owners said they shopped on…

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Affluent Ethnicity [CHART]

via Census data reveal that 68% of American adults are non-Hispanic whites. Hispanics (14%) are the largest ethnic minority group, followed by African-Americans (12%) and Asians (5%). Among Affluents (those with a household income of at least $100,000), 77% are non-Hispanic whites, and the three major ethnic minorities are roughly equal in size, each…

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