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Customer Experience Ratings By Channel [CHART]

via marketingcharts.com Executives working at companies involved in e-commerce or e-business are more likely to say that the quality of their company’s customer experience is good in physical stores than online, per a [download page] study released in June 2012 by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf. 53% of respondents rated the quality of customer experience…

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Top 5 Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons [CHART]

via emarketer.com Shipping also emerged as the main reason buyers abandoned their cart before completing a purchase; 57% of respondents said they had added items to their cart not to buy them, but to figure out what the total purchase cost would be with shipping included. Almost as many buyers, 55%, stopped the purchase process…

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Online Shopping: Room For Improvement According To Buyers [CHART]

via emarketer.com For online shoppers, issues related to shipping are still not as important as ease of checkout and product variety. But they still play a significant role in converting browsers into buyers, according to a February 2012 survey conducted by comScore. In fact, when asked what aspect of the shopping process could be improved…

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Types Of Online Behavior Executives Value [CHART]

via marketingcharts.com econsultancy-customer-behavior-attitudes-june2012.pngMany executives working at companies with e-commerce or e-business components have only a limited understanding of why people abandon the shopping cart or transaction, according to [download page] a survey released in June 2012 by Econsultancy in association with Tealeaf. As a result, all the respondents say that understanding why people do this…

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Cluttered Pages Kill Impressions [CHART]

via marketingvox.com “Messy webpages create a chaotic experience that’s frustrating for everyone involved, including readers, publishers and advertisers,” according to digital publisher SAY Media, which joined IPG Media Lab to find out how webpage chaos affects impressions.Their conclusion is that “Clutter is killing digital media,” as Troy Young, SAY Media president described. “Publishers keep adding…

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Top 12 Mobile Strategies [CHART]

via marketingcharts.com Data from the “2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey” indicates that more marketers will be focusing on mobile optimized websites than mobile applications as part of their mobile strategies this year. 42% chose the former as one of their top 3 strategies, compared to 34% who chose the latter. These marketers appear to be…

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Top Grocery Store Technologies [CHART]

via emarketer.com While online sales make up only a tiny fraction of total grocery sales, a significant subset of grocery shoppers are using online and mobile tools as part of the shopping process. Grocery shoppers are familiar with and rely on a range of technologies to help them research products, find the best value and…

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Obstacles On Hospitality/Tourism Websites [CHART]

via emarketer.com According to the survey, 30% of those who visited a site to make a booking—but did not complete one—said price was the reason they stopped shopping. But after price, functionality and site design were among the biggest stumbling blocks for prospective customers. iPerceptions found that 12% of those who did not finalize a…

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