Mobile News Traffic [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic - Mobile News Traffic

At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

SMBs’ Most Effective Marketing Methods, 2014 vs 2015 [TABLE]

Table - SMBs

US small and medium-sized businesses were seeing more success with their website than any other channel.

Mobile Website Visits by Industry, 2014 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Website Visits by Industry

Smartphone and tablet visit shares are up in each of 6 industries analyzed by Adobe.

Channels B2B Marketing Execs Use To Distribute Content, January 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Channels B2B Marketing Execs Use To Distribute Content

B2B content marketers may need an intro to mobile, based on polling by Regalix, which found that mobile played a minimal role in such marketing efforts.

Mobile Users’ In-Store Activities, February 2015 [CHART]

Chart - Mobile Users

40% of mobile phone users surveyed across 23 countries claim to regularly compare prices while in-store.