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YouTube Viewers, 2018-2022 [CHART & PODCAST]

Chart: YouTube Viewers, 2018-2022

The number of YouTube viewers are expected to grow to 210 million by 2020. That’s a growth rate of 61.8% from 2018. During the following episode of the ‘Behind the Numbers’ podcast, eMarketer principal analyst Paul Verna talks about YouTube’s algorithm for video recommendations.

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Marketing Reports, Surveys & Polls For February, 2019

Marketing Reports

Marketing reports for February 2019 including Oscars & Super Bowl viewerships; Buffer’s vertical video report; Slack’s collaboration study; TikTok downloads; Pew telephone response rates; MIT’s artificial intelligence trends analysis; Backlinko’s content study; 2019 hiring trends; LinkedIn, Twitter & Tinder user numbers; digital camera sales; and 209 more reports.

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