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American Smart Phone Penetration, 2010-2016 [CHART]

n via eMarketer estimates nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone at least monthly by the end of this year, up from 93.1 million in 2011. By 2013, they will represent over half of all mobile phone users, and by 2016, nearly three in five consumers will have a smartphone. Red the rest…

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Top US Local Mobile Search Categories, Q4 2011 [CHART]

via When AT&T Interactive broke down the searches according to platform, it found that restaurants and automotive remained the first- and second-most frequently searched categories on both mobile devices and PCs. Mobile users were more likely to look for movie theaters, beauty services and hotels than their PC-using counterparts, reflecting smartphone users’ desire for…

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Preferred Screens [CHART]

via Q4 2011 findings from interactive marketing agency Rosetta validated the importance of the traditional online PC experience for researching and purchasing products: 39% of US tablet users said a computer was still the preferred device for shopping for new products and services. Read the rest at eMarketer. 0.0 00

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Attitudes Toward Tablet Shopping [CHART]

via Overall, tablets were found to be an ideal device for researching and vetting product purchases. Half of tablet users in the study said they turned to the device to research products prior to a store visit. The same percentage also strongly agreed the tablet was an ideal tool for researching products prior to…

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Tablet Behavior For Online Shopping [CHART]

via Not surprisingly, desktop and laptop computers are no longer the only means of performing digital research. Findings showed more than 60% of North American consumers researched products or services multiple times a month via a mobile device, pointing to a growing trend among internet users to use various digital devices to inform their…

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Daily Smart Phone App Use, Q1 2011 – Q1 2012 [CHART]

via Smartphone owners are spending more time with their applications on a daily basis, and social networking apps are the chief beneficiaries, says Flurry in an April 2012 report. Daily smartphone app consumption rose from an average of 68 minutes in Q1 2011 to 77 minutes in Q1 2012. During that period, time spent…

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Top Mobile Purchases: Clothes, Books, DVDs & Video Games [CHART]

via Clothes (53%), books (46%), and DVDs and video games (42%) are the top 3 mobile purchases among American shoppers, reports WorldPay [download page] in an April 2012 study. Clothes (32%) and books (22%) also fared well when looking at overall online spending behavior, though department stores (42%) emerged as the top category within…

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US Smart Phone Penetration By Race [CHART]

via Black consumers became smartphone users early and in large numbers. But they no longer constitute an oversized portion of the smartphone population, as the penetration rate among white consumers has accelerated. Black consumers’ smartphone penetration rate this year will be slightly lower than that of whites and the US population in general, eMarketer…

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