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American Mobile Phone/Tablet User Growth [CHART]

via Those with smartphones are showing themselves to be eager adopters of tablets, according to a report on US smart device users by comScore. According to the research, 24% of smartphone users had used a tablet in the three-month period ending April 2012, an increase from 10% recorded a year earlier. Read the rest…

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Frequency Of Tablet Use At Work [CHART]

via Tablets are increasingly becoming a staple at work for the corporate professional, according to research released in June 2012 by IDG Connect. 71% of the more than 3,000 IT and business professionals responding to the survey said they already own a tablet, with roughly 3 in 5 using it daily for work. Breaking…

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Mobile Gamers By Generation [CHART]

via The average age of a US or UK mobile device owner who has played a game on the device in the past month (”mobile gamer”) is 39.5, while among those only playing games on a tablet, the average age is 44.7, per findings [pdf] from a PopCap Games report released in June 2012.…

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Location-Based Services Use Frequency [CHART]

via About one-third of respondents said they had increased their use of such services over the past year, while another third said their use had stayed about the same. Only 10% of those polled had reduced their use of geolocation apps or other products. Read the rest at eMarkerter. Rate this post

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Top Concerns About Location-Based Services [CHART]

via almost one-quarter of respondents said their greatest privacy concern was having their information used for marketing purposes. The same percentage of people named having strangers know too much about their activities as their top worry. Read the rest at eMarkerter. Rate this post

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Perceived Risks vs. Benefits Of Location-Based Services [CHART]

via Consumers are taking to the use of location-based services on mobile devices because of the convenience such services offer. A March 2012 poll of US mobile app users by global security association ISACA found that 58% of those who had smart devices had used location-based apps, compared with only 15% who had not.…

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