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Top Grocery Store Technologies [CHART]

via While online sales make up only a tiny fraction of total grocery sales, a significant subset of grocery shoppers are using online and mobile tools as part of the shopping process. Grocery shoppers are familiar with and rely on a range of technologies to help them research products, find the best value and…

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Frequency Of Online Grocery Shopping [CHART]

via While many consumers are doing pre-purchase research ahead of going to the grocery store, a much smaller percentage are actually buying groceries online. April 2011 data from AlixPartners found that just 2% of total grocery spending was attributed to the online channel. But while the user base may be small, it’s active. Only…

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Where People Use Their Tablets Outside The Home [CHART]

via Outside the home, tablet owners were most likely to use their devices while waiting at an airport, or in an airplane. Meanwhile, a low percentage of respondents (36%) used their devices in a store, suggesting that tablets do not have the same mobile shopping draw as smartphones. In-store shoppers are more likely turning…

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Where People Use Their Tablets At Home [CHART]

via I’m kinda thinking the bathroom number is under reported. Of those using tablets at home, more than nine in 10 employed the devices in either the living room or bedroom, bolstering the idea that consumers used tablets primarily for fun or relaxation. But three-quarters of respondents were at least somewhat likely to use…

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Small Business Owners Attitudes Toward Marketing Targeted At Them [CHART]

via In March 2012, marketing agency Cargo and Inc. Magazine found the majority (52%) of US small-business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively. Along similar lines, 45% said companies made little effort to understand their business and 43% said B2B marketers did not understand their individual needs as small-business owners. Read…

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Video Audience, By Race [CHART]

via nielsen-video-audience-time-spend-race-in-q42011-may2012.pngAmong internet video viewers, Asians spent by far the most time of any race or ethnicity watching video content in Q4 2011, according to [download page] a May 2012 Nielsen report. With a monthly average of 8 hours and 43 minutes, they easily consumed more internet video than African Americans, at 6 hours…

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How People Spend Time Away From Home & Work [CHART]

via Time spent at retail locations such as a grocery store, other store, or mall, accounts for 13% of US adults’ time away from home and the workplace, finds the Outdoor Advertising Assocation of America in a May 2012 report. Using 1,000 smartphones diaries to capture behavioral data every 30 minutes over 10 days,…

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Text Message Ad Behavior [CHART]

via Among consumers who have signed up for text alerts from retailers and merchants, 26% say that the information they received has led them to purchase the promoted product in the store, while 25% say they have purchased a different product from the store, according to [pdf] May 2012 survey results from Placecast. Similarly,…

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