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Real-Time Mobile Activities, By Generation [CHART]

via Unsurprisingly, millennials are leading this real-time information-seeking trend. The frequent texters and savvy social networkers are using their devices to coordinate plans, find information and make decisions. It’s likely that the Gen X and Boomer generations will catch up with younger consumers, especially as smartphone penetration continues to grow among older consumers. The…

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Mobile Finance Users By Generation [CHART]

via Consumers who engage with finance content and ads on their mobile devices (”mobile finance users”) are disproportionately young and male, and place a high value on brands, finds Millennial Media [download page] in a May 2012 study conducted in partnership with comScore. While 25-34-year-olds make up only 17% of the mobile audience, they…

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Weekly Shopping Chores, By Gender/Generation [CHART]

via The leading source of disruption may be obvious: sales or promotions, cited by 66% of shoppers in a January 2012 Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research survey. Coupons followed at 30%, while the next most popular reason shoppers buy items they did not intend to purchase beforehand provides insight into a different type of…

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Millennials & Privacy [CHART]

via Data from Euro RSCG Worldwide’s “This Digital Life” indicates that a high proportion of global consumers worry about the privacy habits of Millennials. In fact, 61% of those aged over 55 worry about the impact digital technology and social media are having on young people, with 57% of 35-54-year-olds and 53% of 18-34-year-olds…

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Worldwide Privacy Concerns, By Generation [CHART]

via The majority of consumers of all ages across the world feel that people share too much about their personal thoughts and experiences online, with 71% of those 55 and older saying a return to more privacy is needed, and 62% of 35-54-year-olds and 57% of 18-34-year-olds agreeing, according to an Euro RSCG Worldwide…

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Demographics Of German Online Buyers, Q1 2011 [CHART]

via In March 2012, Eurostat, the statistical agency of the EU, released 2011 demographic data on online buyers. The survey found that internet users in Germany ages 25 to 34 were the most likely to have purchased online, at 79%, followed by users ages 35 to 44 at 70%. Read the rest at eMarketer.…

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Millennial Technology Adoption [CHART]

via US Millennials (aged 16-34) are a heterogeneous group, displaying varying characteristics and habits that defy many casual stereotypes, including the ones hoisted on them by non-Millennials (aged 35-74), says the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) [pdf] in an April 2012 report. In fact, while Millennials see themselves in generally positive terms – “tech-savvy,” “hip,”…

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Social TV Demographics [CHART]

via Smartphones, tablets, and TV make good companions, according to various reports released in April 2012. Data from a GfK Knowledge Networks survey indicates that 52% of minutes spent with tablets, and the same percentage with smartphones, are shared with TV viewing. Per a Forrester Research report, 85% of tablet owners use their tablets…

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Home Broadband User Demographics [TABLE]

via By 2010, while national adoption had slowed, growth in broadband adoption among African Americans jumped well above the national average, with 22% broadband adoption growth since the previous year. 12 Even with these gains, however, minorities are still less likely than whites to have home broadband overall. And foreign-born and Spanish-dominant Latinos trail…

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