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Online Seniors [INFOGRAPHIC]

via Though seniors (adults age 65 and older) have spent much of their lives without the technology that younger generations have grown up with, fully six in ten (60%) say they use the Internet, participating in a variety of activities such as social networking, playing games, and buying products, according to report by Forrester…

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Email Open & Click-Through Rates, Q4 2009-Q1 2012 [CHART]

via Email open rates continue to trend upwards, rising to 26.2% in Q1 2012, representing 5.6% growth from 24.8% in Q4 2011 and a 12.4% year-over-year increase, per an Epsilon report [download page] released in June 2012. Click rates, though, moved in the opposite direction, falling to a low of 4.7%, down 8.3% from…

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Preferred Feedback Channel By Generation [CHART]

via When Maritz broke its data down among age groups, it found that the type of contact consumers favored to reach companies was closely linked to users’ age. Younger customers were more likely to embrace public feedback on a social network, while older consumers preferred older methods of direct contact with a company. Unsurprisingly,…

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Feedback Channels Online Consumers Know Of & Prefer [CHART]

via When it comes to making their voices heard to businesses, customers are showing they’re not shy about taking to the web. An April 2012 survey of US internet users conducted by Maritz Research found that, overall, consumers preferred using email to making a phone call when they sought to provide businesses with direct…

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Response Rates For Select Media [CHART]

via Direct mail campaigns benefit from higher response rates than various other channels, finds the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in a June 2012 study. Comparing rates over time, the report indicates that the response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for email. Interestingly, (letter-sized) direct mail’s relative…

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Impact Of Online Channels On Retailers [CHART]

via When asked about the digital marketing channels having the greatest impact on their businesses, 58% of senior executives working for large retailers point to social media, per KPMG survey results [pdf] released in June 2012. Interestingly, this puts social media’s impact on par with online shopping, which was cited by 59% of the…

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Customer Acquisition Methods, 2011 & 2012 [CHART]

via March findings from trade magazine Target Marketing shed insight on some of the customer acquisition tactics that US B2B and B2C marketing managers planned to use this year. Email topped the list with 86.3% of marketers planning to deploy this common digital tactic. Direct mail was also cited by 69% of respondents, followed…

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