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Customer Lifetime Value Growth Tactics [CHART]

Chart: Customer Lifetime Value Growth

Do marketers think of the long game when it comes to their customers? Maybe not, as only one-third (33%) of survey respondents report that customer lifetime value (CLV) is a measurable and reported KPI for their company, per a report from Econsultancy and RedEye.

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B2B Content Consumption By Job Title [CHART]

Chart: B2B Content Consumption By Job Title

The most successful B2B content marketers prioritize delivering content to the right audience, but do they know who is accessing their content most? Although about two-thirds (64%) of the total audience for B2B content are those individuals with a job level of manager or above, Individual Contributors are the ones downloading the most content, per a report from NetLine.

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Top B2B Influencer Content Types [CHART]

Chart: Top B2B Influencer Content Types

At a time when B2B leaders say that content spurs buying processes, almost all (97%) respondents to a new survey say they are now placing a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source of information when they are consuming content.

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