1. How To Write a Promotional Email That Converts | on March 15, 2019 at 11:24 am

    […] These days, people might put your content to spam even after willingly subscribing to the list. A recent study shows that 57% of the people mark a sender as spam if receive too many emails from them or receive […]

  2. […] one study shows that 57% of people who receive a cold email think it is spam without even opening the […]

  3. […] If it is not valuable to the subscribers, the odds of being tagged as spam are high. A survey by Litmus-Fluent found out that 57% of the respondents report emails as spam when they are irrelevant or too […]

  4. […] Studies show 57% of people say getting too many emails from a sender or receiving irrelevant messages causes them to mark the content as spam. […]