Top Ways Marketing’s Organizational Role Is Expanding, October 2015 [CHART]

Top Ways Marketing's Organizational Role Is Expanding, October 2015 [CHART]

Client-side marketers are taking a bigger role in shaping business strategy and influencing product innovation and new business models, reports the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in a new study conducted in association with McKinsey & Co. and GfK. These changes are occurring amidst an environment in which marketers are challenged by the pace of new technology and the complexity and fragmentation of marketing, per the report.

The report details an expansion of marketing’s role, perhaps in response to the growing competitive threats that marketers are increasingly citing this year. When asked to what extent they agree with a variety of statements about how marketing’s role is expanding at their organization, marketers were most likely to strongly or somewhat agree with the following:

  • Collecting insights that provide the business with a competitive advantage (87%);
  • Helping shape business strategy (also 87%, and up significantly from last year);
  • Understanding/helping maneuver through the competitive landscape (83%); and
  • Driving CRM and loyalty (82%, and up significantly from last year).

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