Email Marketers’ Top Ways To Improve Deliverability, January 2015 [CHART]

Email Marketers' Top Ways To Improve Deliverability, January 2015 [CHART]

marketing decision-makers from the US, Germany and France believe that an average of 60% of their emails are delivered to the correct inboxes, with US respondents (69%) significantly more confident than German (57%) and French (53%) companies, according to a Mailjet survey conducted by Radius Global Market Research study. Personalizing email is the most useful way to improve deliverability, according to 63% of respondents overall, although US companies are most likely to feel that never using purchased or rented addresses (65%) is best. Compared to the overall average, US respondents are also significantly more likely to see the value in adjusting email frequency (60% vs. 54%), using an email solution provider (60% vs. 53%) and measuring and removing bounced contacts (58% vs. 52%). Source: Mailjet

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