Top 10 US Cities For eCoupons [TABLE]

Table - Top 10 US Cities For eCoupons

The top 5 cities for digital coupon use in 2012 were all located in the South, per results from the 2012 Savings Index. Atlanta ranked as the top city for digital coupon use for the fourth consecutive year, ahead of Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and Charlotte. Atlanta surrendered its top ranking, though, when looking at the list of top 5 “most on-the-go frugal cities” (measured by usage of’s GroceryIQ and mobile applications). Orlando occupied the top spot on that list, followed by Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, and Dallas.

When it comes to overall digital coupon use, although the top cities were located in the South, the MidWest ranked as the top region, given that it placed 11 cities in the top 25. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.


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