Global Ad Spending By Medium, 2011-2015 [TABLE]

Chart - Global Ad Spending By Medium, 2011-2015

Global online ad spending will overtake newspaper expenditures next year (USD $101.5 billion vs. $93.2 billion), and will exceed the combined total of newspapers and magazines in 2015 ($132.4 billion vs. $131.7 billion), predicts ZenithOptimedia in a new forecast. That equates to almost 1 in 4 ad dollars being spent globally on the internet in 2015, second only to TV (40%).

It’s worth noting that ZenithOptimedia’s print revenue figures include only advertising in printed editions of publications. Advertising in those publications’ websites, tablet editions, or mobile applications is counted in the internet category. So, while the internet will grow at print’s expense, that may not be all bad news for publications. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.

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