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Preference For Branded Products By Income, September 2012 [CHART]

Chart - Preference For Branded Products By Income

Branded products still account for the bulk of consumer packaged goods (CPG) purchases across all income strata, finds Nielsen in a September 2012 report, and the variance among income levels is relatively minor. For the 52-week period ending in late February 2012, and using dry grocery edible goods as an example, branded products represented 83% of unit sales to upper-income households (100k+), 79% to middle-income households ($30k-$100k), and 76% to lower-income households (<$30k). The same correlation between household income (HHI) and national brand preference holds true for 2 other edible categories, being frozen and dairy. Unit sales of branded frozen edibles hovered around 77% for all economic strata, though branded products represents just 63% of dairy unit sales to upper-income households, 58% to middle income and 55% to lower-income households. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.