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Chart - Attitudes Toward Sharing Data Via Mobile Apps

While 82% of mobile owners store contact information on their devices, 81% of device owners would probably (30%) or definitely (51%) not allow social networking applications to mine those contacts for friend suggestions, and 93% would probably (18%) or definitely (75%) not allow a coupons app to mine the list in order to offer coupons to their contacts, per findings from a University of California-Berkeley study released in July 2012. This reticence finds its way into other data sharing activities, also. For example, 46% believe that cell phone providers should not keep subscriber location information, and 92% would either probably (22%) or definitely (70%) not allow their cell phone provider to use their location to tailor ads to them.

Privacy and security concerns appear to be hindering mobile shopping, too: according to November 2011 research from Motricity, security rates as the top deterrent to mobile shopping among smartphone and tablet owners. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.