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Americans’ Attitudes Toward Dual Incomes By Various Demographics [CHART]

Chart - Americans' Attitudes Toward Dual Incomes By Various Demographics

Two-thirds of Americans believe it is better for both members of a household to work in paying jobs, with non-parents more likely than the average (72% vs. 67%) to be of this opinion, according to a July 2012 report from Penn Schoen Berland in partnership with Burston-Marsteller. Parents, somewhat predictably, are more apt than non-parents to believe in a one-working-parent household (39% vs. 25%).

The majority sentiment for double-income households is at odds with other findings from the report: 45% of Americans believe that children can only grow up to be successful if they spend a majority of their developmental years being cared for by a parent, versus 51% who believe the child can be successful and 4% who are undecided. So, while 72% believe in the double-income family, they presumably feel that the second job must not interfere with child rearing. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.