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Cord-Cutters By Generation [CHART]

Chart - Cord-Cutters By Generation

One-third of cord-cutters say they would not re-install services even if the cost of cable was slashed, according to June 2012 survey results from Of note, despite indications that cord-cutters are going online for their content, recent research from GfK Media reveals that among those who have cancelled their pay TV service, online options were cited as the reason by less than 1 in 5.Instead, more than 7 in 10 said that cost was their prime motivator for cord-cutting. This aligns with the survey results, which found that 83% cut the cord due to costs, with only 17% saying their decision was based on cable and satellite not offering the best quality and variety of content. It is interesting to note that despite cost being the prime reason for canceling service, a significant proportion of cord-cutters (up to 42% of those aged 51 and over) would not re-install services regardless of price. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.