Parent Adoption of Online Devices [CHART]


Parents are showing healthy levels of new media and technology adoption, according to June 2012 Ipsos MediaCT survey results. Among parents of children aged 6-12, 69% own a cell phone that can access the internet, while 37% own a tablet, and 26% an e-reader.

To put those latter numbers in perspective, January 2012 data from Pew indicates that 19% of US adults own a tablet, with the same proportion claiming ownership of an e-reader.

Parents also show above-average ownership of internet-enabled TVs: 16% of the respondents said they own such a device. Although not an exact comparison, April 2012 research from Leichtmann Research Group estimates that 4% of households in the US are connected to the internet through their TV solely via an internet-enabled set (as opposed to via a video game system.) Read the rest at MarketingCharts.