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Archive for June 25, 2012

Marketer Responsibilities By Business Outcome [CHART]

via A global survey of marketers released in June 2012 by IBM has found that respondents who believe their overall business performance is better than their peers are more likely to have ownership over a variety of activities both within and outside of their core functional areas. For example, they are more likely than…

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Tablet Users & New Buyers By Generation [CHART]

via 4 in 10 tablet users (defined as owners or regular users of a tablet) are between the ages of 35 and 64, per June 2012 survey results [pdf] from the Online Publishers Association. And that user base will only solidify over time: further data from the report indicates that 46% of new buyers…

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Privacy In The UK [CHART]

via Sharing personal data online may have become a norm, but UK consumers have become more reluctant to share personal data in the last 15 years, not less. According to an independent study conducted by Future Foundation and published by the UK-based Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the number of “privacy fundamentalists” (who resist exchanging…

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Parent Adoption of Online Devices [CHART]

via Parents are showing healthy levels of new media and technology adoption, according to June 2012 Ipsos MediaCT survey results. Among parents of children aged 6-12, 69% own a cell phone that can access the internet, while 37% own a tablet, and 26% an e-reader. To put those latter numbers in perspective, January 2012…

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