Internet Ad Revenues By Industry, 2010 vs 2011 [CHART]


Retail advertisers represented the largest vertical in terms of internet ad spending, at 22% share, slightly up from 21% last year. Retail industry spending in 2011 stood at $7.1 billion, up 21% from $5.5 billion a year earlier.

Financial services was the next-largest vertical, at 13% share, or $4.1 billion, up from 12% share (and $3.2 billion in spending) in 2010. Financial services overtook telecom, which fell from 13% share in 2010 to 12% share in 2011, although spending rose from $3.5 to $3.9 billion. Automotive advertisers (11%; $3.5 billion) and computing advertisers (8%; $2.7 billion) rounded out the top 5 verticals, both with unchanged share of total revenues from 2010. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.