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Mobile Ad Effectiveness By Device [CHART]


Rather than build one-size-fits-all creative, mobile advertisers should take advantage of the unique features presented by different device screen sizes, suggests Jumptap in its June 2012 MobileSTAT report. Analyzing click-through rates (CTRs) across a variety of mobile devices, the report reveals that although tablets generally perform better than smartphones, screen size is not always a good indicator of CTR. For example, the 7″ Kindle Fire (1.02%), which boasted the highest CTR in Q1 2012, vastly outperformed the larger 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab (0.53%), while the 9.7″ Apple iPad (0.9%) had a much higher CTR than the smaller 2.5″ Sony Xperia Mini (0.42%). There was more consistency among OEMs – Apple’s devices ranged between 0.84% and 0.90% CTR, while all 3 Samsung devices had CTRs between 0.53% and 0.58%. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.