Org Charts Not Digital-Friendly [CHART]


Although many C-suite executives say that digital business trends such as big data and social media marketing are a corporate priority, a variety of factors appear to be holding back their ability to take advantage of the potential presented by these new technologies, according to a McKinsey & Company survey released in May 2012. Chief among these challenges are organizational structures, which 52% of the executives believe are not designed to take advantage of their digital business priorities, and a lack of technology infrastructure and IT systems, cited by 51%. Other significant challenges include lack of quality data (46%), lack of internal leadership (45%), and difficulty finding functional talent (43%).

A PulsePoint survey of marketers released in May also found a lack of real-time data to be a key challenge holding back improvement of digital marketing capabilities, while a March 2012 report from DataXu revealed that only a minority of marketers believe that their existing digital marketing tools are providing them with the strategic insights they need. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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