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Top External Factors Affecting Business [TABLE]


Forget globalization, geopolitics, even the economy. The majority of CEOs believe that the external force that will have the greatest impact on their organizations over the next 3-5 years is technological change, according to an IBM survey [download page] of more than 1700 CEOs globally, released in May 2012. 71% cited technology factors as critical, putting it at the top of the list, slightly ahead of people skills (69%), market factors (68%), and other broad issues such as macro-economic factors, regulatory concerns, and globalization. In years past, market factors had been the steady favorite, while technology has ascended the ranks from the #6 issue in 2004.

While CEOs see the massive disruptive potential of technology, many consumers worldwide worry about downsides: for example, according to a Euro RSCG Worldwide survey released in April 2012, roughly 3 in 5 of the more than 7,000 respondents said they were concerned about society’s addiction to or over-reliance on technology, with a majority also reporting concern about technology overload. Even so, despite these concerns, most believe that digital technology will improve their lives. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.