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Management’s Most Appealing Digital Marketing Functions [CHART]


Global marketers are getting the green light from management to execute digital marketing campaigns, with 1 in 5 saying they have a mandate and budget, and another 42% saying they have strong interest and active support from line-of-business (LOB) leaders, according to a CMO Council study released in May 2012. And it turns out that most marketers believe management is enthusiastic about customer data integration, analytics, and personalization of market interactions, with 62% saying this has appeal among leadership. Other top functions that marketers believe are of interest to LOB leaders include website performance improvement and richer engagement (61%), and lead acquisition, conversion, and upselling/cross-selling of customers (60%). Roughly 2 in 5 say the same about behavior-based insight gathering for more effective segmentation and messaging (41%) and search marketing an online advertising (39%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts