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2011 Video Ad Completion Rates, By Industry [CHART]


Consumer goods manufacturers had the most success among various verticals in getting their video ads viewed in 2011, finds a PointRoll study [pdf] released in May 2012. Consumer goods ads were fully completed 48% of the time, and at least halfway completed 64% of the time. While their 100% completion rate was only narrowly ahead of other sectors such as finance (47%), internet (46%), and automotive (45%), consumer goods brands’ 50% completion rate outstripped their nearest competitors – automotive (57%) and internet (54%) – by a relatively wider margin. Apparel manufacturers saw the lowest 50% (33%) and 100% (19%) completion rates among the vertical studied.

An April 2012 report from Vindico argued that video ad completion rates are a more powerful metric than click-through rates (CTR). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.