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Online Mobile Use By Ethnicity [CHART]


Black Americans are consistently the second-highest US consumers of mobile data services by ethnic demographic. And, they are highly active on the Internet and on their mobile devices, watching video, networking with their social connections, and making purchases, according to [pdf] Nielsen’s latest Cross-Platform Report.

Nielsen examined the media habits of the digital black consumer in the US, a segment with significant buying power which presents key opportunities for marketers, and illustrated their activities across online, mobile, social and TV.

In some key online activities, black Americans track far higher than the average. For example, black American men are 19% more likely than the average US adult to monitor investments and stocks online, and 16% more likely to read technology news online. As a demographic, black adults are 16% more likely than the average US adult to buy children’s clothes, shoes or accessories online. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.