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Average Entries Per Social Media Campaign By Type [CHART]


Campaigns that attract high user activity and entry rates are not the types that inspire users to share with friends. Campaigns like contests and sweepstakes generate higher entry and participation rates, while quizzes, trivia contests and pick-your-favorite campaigns are more likely to be shared via a news feed post or an invite to the app.

To illustrate, coupons, giveaways and sweepstakes get the highest number of entries per social campaign—3,037 on average for coupons versus just 1,070 for sharing-oriented pick-your-favorites campaigns, according to [PDF] a study called “Five Best Practices For Increasing Earned Media,” conducted by Wildfire, the social marketing platform provider. But pick-your-favorites leads among shared campaigns, at 39%, versus just 19% for coupons.

Still, earned media through shares and reposts is worth chasing. The earned media generated by users sharing to their networks resulted in a significant conversion of new users. For example, 82% of the users that clicked on a friend’s news feed post about a quiz they’d taken went on to take the quiz themselves. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.