QR Code Scanner Demographics & OS [CHART]


Mobile barcode (or QR Code) scans by consumers were up 157% in Q1 2012 over Q1 2011, according to a report by Scanlife, the mobile barcode solution solution provider. ScanLife conducts its “Mobile Barcode Trend Report” annually to provide an analysis of consumer scanning traffic and marketer adoption of both two dimensional barcodes (QR Codes) and UPC barcodes (the traditional kind common to packaged goods). It analyzes data and processes traffic from over 5 million ScanLife users and thousands of unique QR Code campaigns from around the world.

ScanLife did not break down its data by industry, but Nielsen earlier this month revealed that among US smartphone owners who used their devices while shopping in-store, 57% have scanned a QR code for product details while in an electronics store, compared to 36% who have done so in a department store, the next most-popular location for this activity. Other stores where smartphone shoppers have scanned QR codes are mass merchandisers (31%), grocery stores (26%), office supply stores (20%), clothing stores (16%), and convenience stores (8%). Just 5% have done so in a furniture store, and only 2% in a dollar store. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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