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Technographics Of Affluent Men [CHART]


An overwhelming preference among affluent males (70%) to research and buy online as opposed to researching online and purchasing in store, provides unique opportunities for advertisers to capitalize on this audience’s behaviors. And while the majority of purchases are still made on PCs, the affluent male is doing more and more research on mobile devices, making a multi-channel approach necessary. Some details:

The vast majority (91%) access a PC at least once daily, while 77% have a mobile smartphone and 50% own a tablet.

Engagement with these devices is high across the board – almost 100% of survey respondents report using their PCs and mobile smartphones at least daily and 85% reporting daily use of tablets.

When an affluent male has daily access to tablet, he is 32% more likely to have made a purchase via the device.

In terms of visibility, 71% have seen ads on a PC while one in three has seen ads on a mobile phone or tablet.

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