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Tag Management [CHART]


A high proportion of digital marketers who are using tag management technology report significant benefits from doing so, in some cases exceeding the expectations of those who are contemplating implementation of a tag management solution, according to [download page] an Econsultancy survey commissioned by Tealium and released in May 2012. The overwhelming majority of those considering a move from manual site tagging to tag management believe it will increase their marketing agility and speed of marketing activities (both at 86%), and more than 8 in 10 respondents who have implemented a solution agree (81% and 84%, respectively) on these benefits. In fact, marketers using a tag management solution are more likely to report benefits such as reduced tagging costs (82%) and increased site speed and performance (76%) than those considering the solution are to expect them (68% and 61%, respectively).

Overall, 87% of respondents agree that managing website tags is fundamental to digital marketing. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.