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Consumers’ Belief In Long-Term Facebook Success [CHART]


Facebook may have 900 million monthly active users and be the darling of social media marketers as it nears its IPO, but that doesn’t mean that the public is convinced the social network is here for the long-term, according to an AP and CNBC poll conducted in May 2012. 46% of respondents said they think the social networking giant will fade away over time as new things come along, compared to 43% who believe it will be successful over the long term. The remaining 11% may be the wisest: they simply don’t know. Interestingly, younger adults are slightly higher than the average to think that Facebook will fade away (51% vs. 46%), although users of the site are far more likely than non-users to believe in its staying power (51% vs. 35%).

Overall, 55% of the respondents report having a Facebook page, with 3 in 10 saying they use the site every day (rising to 55% among younger adults). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.