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Grocery Shoppers’ In-Store Purchase Decisions [CHART]


Grocery shoppers are making an increasingly large number of their purchase decisions in-store, according to research findings released in May 2012 by The Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI). Breaking down purchases into 4 categories – Specifically Planned, Generally Planned, Substitutes, and Unplanned – the trade association calculated the in-store decision rate by taking the sum of the Generally Planned, Substitutes, and Unplanned category rates. This year, that rate stands at 76% (55% Unplanned; 6% Substitutes; and 15% Generally Planned). This is a significant rise from previous decades’ rates: 70% in 1995; 66.1% in 1986; 64.8% in 1977; and 68.9% in 1965. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.