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Smart Phone Messaging Preferences [CHART]


Despite having the ability to access different over the top (OTT) and instant messaging (IM) services on their devices, SMS is still the clear leader among smartphone owners when it comes to messaging, finds Acision in May 2012 survey results. 91% of the smartphone owners responding to the survey said they actively use SMS, compared to just 55% who use alternatives. The main reasons for preferring SMS were core capabilities, such as speed of delivery (47%), reach (43%), and reliability (38%), while the top reasons for choosing OTT/IM services were content sharing (28%), speed (27%), and the ability to work across devices (25%). Just 4% of smartphone owners said that IM is more reliable and faster than SMS.

According to survey results released in May 2012 by Rebtel, when mobile owners were asked which applications they would most likely use as an alternative to their traditional carrier minutes or data plan services, 34% said they would utilize a text messaging service, with women far more likely than men to indicate this (43.6% vs. 30.6%). 14.1% indicated they would utilize an instant messaging app, with women again more likely to say this (19.2% vs. 14.1%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.