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Current Digital Marketing Capabilities for Marketers, Agencies & Publishers [CHART]


Most marketers are not yet confident in their ability to execute complex digital marketing programs, details PulsePoint [download page] in May 2012 survey results. The study found that a multi-channel approach (referring to marketing programs using 2 or more channels) was the most commonly identified capability, at 65% of marketers, with just one-quarter saying they are capable of running more complex cross-channel marketing programs (referring to programs across multiple digital channels that are highly coordinated). Only 1 in 10 engage in real-time interactive marketing, the most sophisticated capability that leverages real-time or dynamic interactions to automatically deliver the most relevant messages and content across digital channels and programs.

Interestingly, agencies appear more confident in their ability to execute more complex digital campaigns: 27% said they were capable of handling a real-time interactive marketing program, compared to 13% of publishers and 10% of marketers. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.