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Browsing vs. Purchasing: Smart Phone Owners’ Shopping Behavior [CHART]


Smartphone owners are more likely to say they enjoy shopping on an online website than in a physical store (69% vs. 64%), but it turns out that they are far more likely to window shop online rather than offline, according to Wave Collapse survey results released in May 2012. Examining respondents’ behaviors across different purchase platforms, the report finds that when in a physical store, 74% mostly purchase, rather than mostly browse (26%). The opposite is true for online channels, such as online websites (71% vs. 29%), mobile websites (76% vs. 24%), and mobile applications (71% vs. 29%), where a clear majority said they mostly browse rather than mostly purchase.

In fact, respondents were more likely to have purchased something from a physical store (87%) in the past week than any other channel, including an online website (60%). They were also more likely to have bought multiple times from physical stores than from online channels. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.