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Video Audience, By Race [CHART]


nielsen-video-audience-time-spend-race-in-q42011-may2012.pngAmong internet video viewers, Asians spent by far the most time of any race or ethnicity watching video content in Q4 2011, according to [download page] a May 2012 Nielsen report. With a monthly average of 8 hours and 43 minutes, they easily consumed more internet video than African Americans, at 6 hours and 19 minutes, and Hispanics, at 6 hours and 10 minutes. Caucasian internet video viewers spent the least amount of time, at just under 4 hours. Looking at gender patterns, the report finds that male viewers spent on average 5 hours and 4 minutes per month watching video on the internet, almost an hour more than female viewers (4 hours and 8 minutes).

Breaking the gender data down by age groups, the report shows that male internet video viewers aged 18-49 watched the most content on a monthly basis, at an average of 6 hours and 31 minutes. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.