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Text Message Ad Behavior [CHART]


Among consumers who have signed up for text alerts from retailers and merchants, 26% say that the information they received has led them to purchase the promoted product in the store, while 25% say they have purchased a different product from the store, according to [pdf] May 2012 survey results from Placecast. Similarly, 27% either bought the promoted product or a different one online. And despite just 4% of the survey respondents reporting having signed up for such alerts, interest appears to be on the rise: 41% said they would be at least somewhat or very interested in receiving text alerts about new products, sales, and/or promotions on their mobile device. This represents 14% growth from 36% who showed interest in 2010, and a 32% increase from 31% who were interested in 2009.

Recent research appears to support the potential for text message marketing: according to a survey released in January 2012 by the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA), sponsored by Velti, SMS (33%) is the most popular method of receiving mobile offers among American consumers, ahead of mobile web, including email (21%), mobile application (11%), and voicemail (8%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.