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Mobile Shopping Behavior, By Smart Phone vs. Standard Phone [CHART]


Meanwhile, data from the Placecast report indicates that 47% of mobile phone users believe that it is at least somewhat important for them to be able to make a purchase on their device, marking a 27% rise from 37% who felt that way in the 2010 survey.

Among smartphone and cell phone owners combined, 1 in 5 said they had made a purchase on their device in the past year, with smartphone owners three times more likely than standard cell phone owners to have done so (34% vs. 11%). Other activities performed by a higher proportion of smartphone owners than cell phone owners included accessing the website of a merchant where they typically shop (44% vs. 13%), downloading an application from a merchant where they typically shop (34% vs. 7%), using a barcode scanning app to comparison shop (24% vs. 6%), and purchasing something due to an email from a merchant they have signed up with (20% vs. 6%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.