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Technographics Of Romney & Obama Supporters, By Generation [CHART]


President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney show varying audience patterns when comparing the composition of their website and social media visitors, finds comScore [download page] in an April 2012 report. President Obama’s website visitors skew older in general than his social media site visitors, with 57% of the former group aged 45 and over, compared to 22% of the latter. This might be expected, given social networking sites’ higher penetration among younger age groups. Surprisingly, though, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s website audience skews younger than his social media audience, with 46% of the former aged under 35, compared to 41% of the latter.

According to March 2012 figures from Nielsen, 52% of visitors to during January were either aged 50-65 (34.6%) or over 65 (17.4%), the highest proportion of the 5 candidates studied. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.